Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the services?

There are NO fees. We are paid a placement fee by the hotels which is written in the standard agreement between customer and hotel.


Are our rates higher for using your services?

Absolutely not! Hotels don’t increase any rates, instead they establish better rates due to the volume of business they receive from Brand Site Select.


How many hotel rooms do I need to book per night to receive a discount?

We require a minimum of 10 rooms contracted per night to secure the very best room rate.


What is the main reason we should use Brand Site Select?

We save you valuable time and research that will enable you to focus on your other job responsibilities.


Can you find us hotels anywhere?

Yes. We specialize in finding hotels in any city domestically and internationally. With our extensive database of contacts, we can negotiate the best prices for you anywhere!


Are you representing the hotel or the customer?

Brand Site Select represents the customer and looks out for your best interest by providing unbiased hotel analysis.


What is the difference between Brand Site Select and meeting planning firms?

We don’t take ownership in the program. The customer handles the deposits, signs all contracts, conducts site inspections and remains the primary contact after our analysis is provided to you. Our role is to identify the hotel options, secure the best possible rates, concessions, and make sure the contract is properly reviewed. While we are not lawyers, we do provide our best advice from being in the industry for 17 years.


Who selects the final hotel?

You! The customer chooses the hotel and signs the agreement.


Is there anything different that you will be doing then your competition won’t be?

Yes. Let’s talk about it. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


After the first contract is signed, who can I call when my company needs future room blocks or meetings?

As partners, you continue to work with Brand Site Select directly to assist you with future analysis and searches. We believe that relationships and trust are vital to a continued partnership.


How will I receive the proposals?

We conduct the research for you on a detailed and organized spreadsheet.